Why should I become a 222 Foundation mentor?
222 Mentors Are Leader Makers

222 mentors have the skill and heart to competently invest in future christian ministry leaders.

  • Experienced Leader

    They have led people, teams and organizations. They’ve done it in ministry, church, nonprofits and business.​

  • Humble

    While extraordinarily competent, each 222 Mentor is approachable and easy to talk to.

  • Lifelong Learner

    They recognize how much they have to learn and earnestly ask for the advice and counsel of others.​

  • Active Listener​

    They are genuinely interested in the lives of others. They listen with an intent to understand.

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What you need to know

Frequently Asked Questions

Mentor Partnership Questions

As a newer organization, we initially identified prospective mentors based upon the people that our staff and board knew directly. Our second stage was to partner with churches to develop an ‘ecosystem’. In this case, the church provided an opportunity for the student to serve while one of the pastors or elders played the role of mentor; and 222 provided guidance and coaching to the mentor. In our third stage we have discovered that our current mentors have such a passion for the role that they proactively ‘nominate’ others they believe would be qualified and passionate. In our fourth stage, we’ve found that many of our loyal investors apply to be mentors.

As we grow larger, we welcome you to consider becoming a mentor. If you’re interested in learning more or applying, please send us your contact information. 

Currently, the 222 Foundation volunteer mentors must, at least, have the following qualifications:

    • Are a follower of Jesus Christ.

    • Are a member or regular attender* of a local church.

    • Are in agreement with the 222 Statement of Faith.

    • Are at least 25 years old.

    • Commit to a minimum one year term with your assigned student(s).

    • Honor the time commitment:

         – Primary Mentors:  Meet a minimum of twice a month for a 90-minute session.

         – Subject Matter Experts:  Variable time commitment.

    • Are in consistent contact with students and respond promptly when questions are asked or wisdom is sought out.

    • Communicate regularly with the 222 leadership team about how things are going and what is being discussed (either by phone, email, or in person).

    • Attend an initial training orientation and at least one additional training session each year.

    • Cover the 222 Foundation required curriculum with the student.

222 Foundation’s programs are designed to help future leaders stay in ministry and flourish. In addition to providing a student one-on-one personalized mentorship, 222 encourages mentors to participate in:

    • Mentoring Forum. These are scheduled each month for 1.5 hours where mentors come together for training and discussion to help improve our collective ability to mentor students well. All mentors are encouraged to participate in at least one Mentoring Forum per quarter.

    • Periodic debriefs with 222’s Program Manager. These provide an opportunity for 222 to learn more about ways to improve the mentorship program and provide a more enriching experience over time.

    • Events attended by 222 Foundation supporters. These include our annual golf outing and dinner banquet. We also occasionally host smaller events of 15-20 people where supporters are invited to get to know mentors and student partners on a personal level.

    • Semester launch dinners. Every January and August, we bring all the students and mentors together for a time of fellowship, discussion and learning.

222 works with both ‘primary mentors’ and ‘subject matter experts’. Primary mentors have the main relationship with the student. They will frequently involve ‘subject matter experts’ to participate in their conversations when they feel the student would benefit from an expert on a particular topic. Our subject matter experts provide topical expertise on such areas as: personal finance, organizational finance, marriage, leadership development, elder boards, launching/managing a 501c3, worship service, preaching, military chaplaincy and many others.

    • The role of a mentor is both biblical and foundational to the raising up of leaders within the church and the advancement of the Kingdom of God. 222 Foundation’s Mentorship Program is aimed at coming alongside those pursuing theological studies and building a relationship with them that will be focused on helping the student apply the truth of Scripture to all of life and ministry.

    • Mentorship is not only about intentionally investing in the spiritual growth of the student, but also an effective means for imparting essential skills for ministry. In these ways, 222 Foundation mentors provide the practical guidelines and training through a highly personalized relationship with each student. As the President of Wheaton College, Dr. Phil Ryken observed, “Seminary can teach you about half the things you need to learn for ministry and the other has to be learned through experience and the church.” Mentors will provide biblical resources and guidance to better equip each student for fruitful vocational ministry.

    • The mentorship will typically include:

         – Twice a month meetings between the mentor and mentee.

         – Prayer time and encouragement between each mentor and mentee.

The 222 Foundation is accepting applications for volunteer mentors! Upon submission of your application, the application will be reviewed by our Board and you’ll be contacted for a face-to-face interview, if appropriate.

We have found the most effective way to elevate the true gifts (2 Timothy 1:6) of a future ministry leader is to work with them in a highly personalized manner. Therefore, our approach emphasizes frameworks and approaches that help mentors to“listen and nudge”. Mentors are encouraged to attend 222’s monthly Mentoring Forum as frequently as possible. The Mentoring Forum is a private, directed discussion that fosters methodological training as well as peer-to- peer coaching.

222 Mentors are experienced leaders – business, professions, academia, ministry, nonprofit – with a deep love for Kingdom work.


    • Have led people, teams, organizations

    • Faithful follower of Christ

    • Personal characteristics that align with 222’s “listen and nudge” mentoring approach. These typically include humility, active listening and high emotional intelligence.

Mentor is an inherently “fuzzy” word; it means different things to different people. A man with teenage sons will talk about mentoring them into adulthood. A mature believer discipling a new believer will talk about mentoring them spiritually. A business professional working with a more junior staff member will talk about mentoring their career advancement. A football coach mentors his staff in his philosophy.

222 Mentorship is at once all of those things and none of them. Here’s 222’s definition of mentorship:


We work with future Christian ministry leaders so that they can:
    • Avoid the predictable pitfalls of ministry life
    • Sustain a healthy and successful ministry for the long term, and

    • Become leaders of leaders as they mentor other future leaders over time

222 Mentorship is a gift to our student partners.


However, the value of 222 mentorship can be measured by comparable programs, which typically charge over $100/hour. We estimate that our mentors will volunteer over $70,000 of their own time over the coming academic year. Thanks to our mentors and generous donors, we are able to offer this personalized mentorship to our student partners at no charge.


Many of our student partners report that this mentorship was the gift they didn’t know they needed.